Celebrating Success! 2013 Year in Review

2013PPP CoverPartners of the Plains and Prairie Potholes Landscape Conservation Cooperative (LCC) today released their 2013 Year in Review, a compilation of stories about collective success and progress in promoting effective conservation through collaboration and sound science across the northern Great Plains and Prairie Pothole Region.

U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service Regional Director and LCC chair Tom Melius, said, “The success of conservation in the 21st century depends on the conservation community’s willingness and ability to form strong alliances, engage non-traditional allies and make improbable connections probable.  Together, we are focused on providing scientific information and tools that will help resource managers across jurisdictions make informed decisions that benefit fish, wildlife and people.”

Over the past three years, the LCC has supported more than 30 cutting edge research projects that are testing hypotheses and answering complex questions related to grassland conversion risk, climate change, energy development, fish passage, native prairie and sage-steppe management, and the socio-economics of conservation.

Today, federal, state and non-governmental agencies and organizations are seeing on-the-ground implementation of the recommendations generated by these projects.

Learn how LCC partner agencies and organizations are using a 21st century model for conservation to produce and deliver cutting-edge science, and working to ensure conservation is relevant, valued and an integral part of our society.

What’s Inside:

Tom Melius, U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service Deputy Regional Director, and Terry Steinwand, North Dakota Fish and Game Department Director, share the progress of the partnership as co-chairs of the LCC steering committee.

Learn how we are building a 21st century model for conservation that is inclusive of multiple disciplines.

Learn about the LCC’s role in developing a Midwest Landscape Conservation Communications Network.

Read about these ongoing research efforts supported by LCC partners.

  • Targeting Grassland Conservation: An Estimate of Land-use Conversion Risk in the Northern Great Plains
  • Landscape Patterns Environmental Quality Analysis
  • Land-Use Change, Economics, and Rural Well-Being in the Prairie Pothole Region of the United States
  • Wetland Hydroperiod and Climate Change: Implications for Biodiversity and Water Availability

For more information about the Plains and Prairie Potholes LCC visit http://plainsandprairiepotholeslcc.org
Download: 2013 Year in Review (1.32mb PDF)

Plains and Prairie Potholes LCC

The fundamental objective of the Plains and Prairie Potholes LCC is to increase conservation delivery by reducing scientific uncertainty related to landscape level stressors which are important to our partnership. We will meet this fundamental objective by leveraging partner expertise to promote coordination, dissemination and development of applied science that will support landscape level conservation.

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