Human Dimensions of Habitat Loss in the Plains and Prairie Pothole Region

South Dakota State University, Larry Gigliotti
Project Funded in FY 2014
The Plains and Prairie Potholes Landscape Conservation Cooperative identified habitat loss (factors influencing land use and land conversion) as a key research need in 2012. This grassland-wetland ecosystem provides essential habitat for an array of wildlife, especially waterfowl.  Temperate grasslands are one of the most threatened biomes worldwide, with the greatest threat being conversion to annual crop production. Understanding how a private landowner responds to economic incentives/pressures may identify strategies to reduce habitat loss in the plains and prairie pothole region. This project will measure attitudes and intended behaviors towards participating in a variety of conservation programs and barriers to participating in various conservation programs; Identify future changes in farming/ranching practices related to the aging trend of farmers/ranchers; and measure the Wildlife Value Orientations of landowners and the relationship with attitudes and intended behaviors towards participating in conservation programs.

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Plains and Prairie Potholes LCC

The fundamental objective of the Plains and Prairie Potholes LCC is to increase conservation delivery by reducing scientific uncertainty related to landscape level stressors which are important to our partnership. We will meet this fundamental objective by leveraging partner expertise to promote coordination, dissemination and development of applied science that will support landscape level conservation.

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