Who We Are

We are leaders in the conservation community. But we are not just conservationists. We are also economists, social scientists, and communicators. We come from federal and state governments, non-for-profit and private organizations, tribal groups, and pre-existing partnerships. We see beyond agency lines and authorities, to identify what is in the best interest of our collective community, both within the LCC and outside of the LCC, to benefit fish, wildlife, habitat and people.

Work in the Plains and Prairie Pothole Landscape Conservation Cooperative is accomplished through a variety of partners from state, federal and nongovermental agencies and organizations. The Prairie Pothole, Prairie Habitat and Northern Great Plains Joint Ventures, numerous Missouri River conservation and management organizations, and more than 20 other conservation partners have served as founding members of this LCC.

Researchers Steve Krentz, Bob Gresswell, Kathy Chase and Chris Merkord respond to questions from technical committee members related to large rivers and streams research. Service photo.

Plains and Prairie Pothole LCC Staff
Rick Nelson USFWS Richard_d_nelson@fws.gov 701-355-8509

Steering Committee

Linda Leake  U.S Geological Survey lleake@usgs.gov 608-781-6263
Steve Guertin U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service – Mountain Prairie Region stephen_guertin@fws.gov 303-236-7920
Tom Melius U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service – Midwest Region tom_melius@fws.gov 612-713-5301
Diane Rosen Bureau of Indian Affairs – Midwest Region diane.rosen@bia.gov 612-713-4400
Bruce Loudermilk Bureau of Indian Affairs – Great Plains Region bruce.loudermilk@bia.gov 605-226-7343
Mary Gibson Scott National Park Service – Intermountain Region mscott@nps.gov 303-969-2500
Michael Reynolds National Park Service  – Midwest Region michael_reynolds@nps.gov 402-661-1736
Marie Stewart Bureau of Land Management marie_stewart@blm.gov 703-440-1709
Theresa Hanley Bureau of Land Management theresa_hanley@blm.gov 406-896-5068
Sandy Brooks Bureau of Land Management sandra_s_brooks@blm.gov 406-896-5262
Barb Riveland Bureau of Land Management barbara_riveland@blm.gov 406-896-5012
Don Simpson Bureau of Land Management don_simpson@blm.gov 307-775-6256
Bob Means Bureau of Land Management rmeans@blm.gov 307-775-6287
Katherine Kitchell Bureau of Land Management kkitchell@blm.gov  
Michael J. Ryan Bureau of Reclamation mryan@usbr.gov 406-247-7600
Gary Davis Bureau of Reclamation jgdavis@usbr.gov 406-247-7717
William W. Rice Environmental Protection Agency – Region 7 rice.william@epa.gov  913-551-7003
Carol Rushin Environmental Protection Agency – Region 8 rushin.carol@epa.gov 303-312-6312
Richard Clark Environmental Protection Agency – Region 8 clark.richard@epa.gov 303-312-6748
Thomas Christensen Natural Resources Conservation Service – Central thomas.christensen@wdc.usda.gov 202-690-2198
Diane Gelburd Natural Resources Conservation Service – West  diane.gelburd@wdc.usda.gov 202-690-2197
Jane Cottrell U.S. Forest Service – Region 1 jcottrell@fs.fed.us 406-329-3315
Rick Cable U.S. Forest Service – Region 2 rcable@fs.fed.us 303-275-5451
Michael McGuire Agricultural Research Service – Northern Plains michael.mcguire@ars.usda.gov 970-492-7100
Olga Lee Agricultural Research Service – Northern Plains olga.lee@ars.usda.gov  
Kayla Eckert-Uptmor U.S. Army Corps of Engineers kayla.a.eckert@usace.army.mil 402-995-2693
Roxanne E. Purucker Department of Energy roxanne.purucker@ch.doe.gov 630-252-2110
Ed Boggess Minnesota Department of Natural Resources ed.boggess@state.mn.us 651-259-5224
Chuck Corell Iowa Department of Natural Resources Chuck.Corell@dnr.iowa.gov 515-281-4582
Terry Steinwand North Dakota Game and Fish Department tsteinwa@nd.gov 701-328-6305
Jeff Vonk South Dakota Game, Fish and Parks Department jeff.vonk@state.sd.us 605-773-3718
Joe Maurier Montana Department of Fish, Wildlife and Parks jmaurier@mt.gov 406-444-3186
Dave Risley Montana Department of Fish, Wildlife and Parks drisley@mt.gov 406.444.9817
Mark Nelson Wyoming Game and Fish Department Mark.Nelson1@wyo.gov 307-777-4539
Ken Sambor Northern Great Plains Joint Venture ksambor@ducks.org 701-355-3532 
Casey Stemler Prairie Pothole Joint Venture casey_stemler@fws.gov 303-236-4412
Dave Duncan Prairie Habitat Joint Venture dave.duncan@ec.gc.ca 780-951-8652
Deanna Dixon Prairie Habitat Joint Venture deanna.dixon@ec.gc.ca 780-951-8652
Maureen Gallagher Great Plains Fish Habitat Partnership maureen_gallagher@fws.gov 660-562-1008
Dave Fryda Missouri River Natural Resource Committee dfryda@nd.gov 701-654-7475
Mara Johnson World Wildlife Fund – Northern Great Plains Mara.Johnson@wwfus.org  
Jeff Nelson World Wildlife Fund – Northern Great Plains Jeff.Nelson@wwfus.org  
Paul Lepisto Izaak Walton League of America plepisto@iwla.org   
Mike Anderson Ducks Unlimited – Canada m_anderson@ducks.ca 204-467-3231
Peggy Ladner The Nature Conservancy pladner@tnc.org 612-331-0700
David Shaw  The Nature Conservancy dshaw@tnc.org  
Stephen Adair Ducks Unlimited sadair@ducks.org 701-355-3500
Rick Warhurst Ducks Unlimited rwarhurst@ducks.org 701-355-3527


Technical Committee
Max Post van der Burg U.S. Geological Survey maxpostvanderburg@usgs.gov 701-253-5574
Kevin Doherty Prairie Pothole Joint Venture  Kevin_Doherty@fws.gov  701-355-8528 
Randy Kreil  North Dakota Game and Fish rkreil@nd.gov 701-328-6330 
Rex Johnson  U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service Rex_Johnson@fws.gov  218-736-0606 
Rebecca Phillips Mandan  USDA Laboratory  Rebecca.phillips@ars.usda.gov  701-667-3002 
Neal Niemuth  Northern Great Plains Joint Venture Neal_Niemuth@fws.gov  701-355-8542 
Anne Schrag  World Wildlife Fund  Anne.Schrag@WFFUS.org  406-585-3486 
Carmen Thomson  National Park Service  Carmen_thomson@nps.gov  402-661-1876 
Kara Paintner  National Park Service  Kara_Paintner@nps.gov  605-341-2807 
Johann Walker  Ducks Unlimited  jwalker@ducks.org  701-355-3597 
David Wood  Bureau of Land Management  David_Wood@blm.gov  406-896-5246 
John Carlson  Bureau of Land Management  John_Carlson@blm.gov  406-896-5024 
Tom Kirschenmann  South Dakota Game Fish and Parks  Tom.Kirschenmann@state.sd.us  605-773-4192 
David Howerter  Ducks Unlimited Canada  d_howerter@ducks.ca  204-467-3292 
Steve Krentz  Great Plains Fish Habitat Partnership Steven_krentz@fws.gov  701-355-8547 
 Wayne Nelson-Stastny  Missouri River Natural Resources Committee  wayne_nelsonstastny@fws.gov  402-667-2884
Mike Larson  Minnesota Department of Natural Resources michael.larson@state.mn.us 218-999-7933 
Marissa Ahlering The Nature Conservancy mahlering@tnc.org  701-777-4598 
Mark Nelson  Wyoming Game and Fish  Mark.Nelson@wyo.gov   

Greg Hiemenz

 U.S. Bureau of Reclamation  ghiemenz@usbr.gov  701-221-1273
Paul Lepisto  Izaak Walton League  PLepisto@iwla.org  605-224-1770 
Dan Svingen  U.S. Forest Service  dsvingen@fed.fs.us  701-250-4443
Patricia Heglund  U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service patricia_heglund@fws.gov  608-781-6338
Jeff Stoner  U.S. Geological Survey stoner@usgs.gov  651-379-2744
Justin Gude  Montana Fish Wildlife and Parks  jgude@mt.gov  406-444-3767

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